The Best of Football Twitter in Week 9

The Best of Football Twitter in Week 9

Every week during the NFL season, the 33rd Team will present some of the most interesting Tweets that come across our timeline during Sunday’s action. Here’s the Week 9 rundown:

With a questionable crop of college QBs entering via the draft and the Panthers on the hook for $18.8M on Sam Darnold next year, the Carolina doesn’t have a whole lot of options to improve at the position.

The parity within the NFL this year is at its highest point in years. It will certainly be a fight to the finish.

The Sam Darnold decision is looking quite questionable at the moment.

The NFL and its fans will never forget the Josh Allen vs. Josh Allen battle. Nor will we forget that Josh Allen won said battle.

Mike Gesicki is one of the most underrated athletes in the NFL. Just check out his NFL Combine numbers.

Stephon Gillmore played well against New England. The rest of the Panthers? Not so much…

In effectively swapping Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs, the Bills and Vikings both won that trade.

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