The 33rd Team Officially Launches


The Platform is led by longtime executives Mike Tannenbaum and Joe Banner along with a collection of content from top football minds like Wade Phillips, Eric Mangini, and more…

As part of the launch, The 33rd Team will host a weekly fantasy-related football show on SiriusXM each Thursday and NFL preview each Friday during the football season.

New YorkSeptember 15 — The 33rd Team, a football think tank and media platform created by former NFL executive Mike Tannenbaum with the assistance of the University of Massachusetts Sport Management program, today announced the official launch of the company. As part of the launch, The 33rd Team is partnering with SiriusXM to host a weekly fantasy-related football show on Thursdays and a weekly NFL preview show on Fridays during the season.

This serves as the first major partnership for The 33rd Team, which boasts an incredible roster of editorial contributors, ranging from current and former NFL executives and head coaches to retired professional and college football stars, amassing over 500 combined years of experience in the league. The 33rd Team features former Philadelphia Eagles President Joe Banner as a Founding Partner and has expanded to showcase written and video content from the likes of Wade Phillips, Eric Mangini, Ken Whisenhunt, Vance Joseph, and more on their website, e-newsletter, and social media.

“The 33rd Team provides content unlike any other, tapping into our vast experience and connections within the football world,” said Mike Tannenbaum, creator of The 33rd Team. “We’ve already seen incredible success leading up to our official launch through existing editorial platforms. This partnership with SiriusXM will only elevate that engagement and we are ecstatic to see it come to fruition.”

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Since The 33rd Team’s soft launch in Q4 of 2020, the platform has gained over 50,000 e-newsletter subscribers and experienced tremendous growth and engagement across social media accounts.

“We’ve grown at an exceptionally fast pace since our soft launch, which I attest to the editorial that our diverse talent roster produces,” said Joe Banner. “We are able to separate ourselves from the rest and provide analysis that cannot be found anywhere else. Now, our unique commentary will be a part of the SiriusXM network for fantasy sports fans and players everywhere.”

The organization also prioritizes education as a core pillar of their values, working closely with colleges and universities to enlist students as meaningful contributors who work with and learn from the team of experts. Eight of these individuals were placed as interns with NFL teams in less than a year.

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About The 33rd Team
The 33rd Team is the premier football Think Tank, featuring editorial contributions from a collection of executives and coaches with over 500 combined years of experience in the NFL. Providing first-hand insight and knowledge unavailable anywhere else, The 33rd Team transcends traditional football analysis and offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on the latest NFL and college football news, as well as life in the league, both on and off the field.


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