Patriots Nipping At Buffalo’s Heels in Aikman Efficiency Ratings

Patriots Nipping At Buffalo's Heels

The 33rd Team is proud to be home for the Aikman Efficiency Ratings — Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman’s proprietary formula for measuring team offense and team defense in the NFL.

As opposed to just looking at total yards gained and allowed, Aikman combined seven categories, placing more emphasis on some:

  • Points per game (20%)
  • Points Per Red-Zone Possession (20%)
  • Turnovers (20%)
  • Yards per Rush (10%)
  • Yards per Pass (10%)
  • Third-Down Percentage (10%)
  • First Downs (10%)

The Buffalo Bills returned to their spot atop Troy Aikman’s Efficiency Ratings on both offense and defense after a blowout win against the New York Jets this past weekend.

Coming off a relatively easy slate of recent games, the Bills may struggle to hold onto the rating over the next few weeks, as their strength of schedule toughens up. Across the next six games, Buffalo will face the Colts, Saints, Buccaneers, Panthers, and the rising Patriots twice.

At 6-4 New England is not only nipping on 6-3 Buffalo’s heels in the race for the AFC East crown, but for the top spot in the defensive Aikman Efficiency Ratings. The Patriots sit at No. 2 on defense and No. 12 on offense, and have a lighter strength of schedule the rest of the way, a fact that should worry Bills fans.

Other contenders sitting near the top of Aikman’s Efficiency ratings on both sides of the ball include the Dallas Cowboys (No. 2 on offense and No. 8 on defense), Arizona Cardinals (No. 3 on offense and No. 4 on defense), and Los Angeles Rams (No. 8 on offense and No. 10 on defense).

While the Tennessee Titans have climbed into the top spot in Paul Domowitch’s Power Rankings this week, their placement in the Aikman’s ratings isn’t so flattering, as they sit at No. 13 on offense and No. 17 on defense.

For more on the Aikman Efficiency Ratings and the Aikman Foundation, click here.

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