Mike T’s Week 10 NFL Matchups to Watch

Here are some interesting Week 10 matchups that are worth watching:

Bills (7-2) at Cardinals (5-3)

  • After passing for over 400 yards and accounting for 4 total TDs against the Seahawks last week, Josh Allen faces another defense he can exploit. The Cardinals rank in the bottom half of the league in EPA/Pass allowed. Expected another excellent showing from Allen.
  • The strength-on-strength matchup here will be in the trenches, as Football Outsiders ranks both the Cardinals’ pass protection and the Bills’ pass rush in the top 10.
  • The Bills are dealing with some OL injuries, with starting C Mitch Morse and G Cody Ford listed as questionable for this game. Buffalo’s interior OL was already ranked in the bottom half of the league by PFF, so Arizona’s DTs may have some success getting after Allen.

Seahawks (6-2) at Rams (5-3)

  • Though the Seahawks’ defense has been in the bottom 5 in EPA/Pass allowed, their rush defense has been top 10. Their rush defense will be tested by the Rams’ top rushing OL.
  • Despite having one of the top pass-protecting units, Jared Goff is in the bottom half of the league in EPA/Pass. Though Jamal Adams was ineffective last week, the Seahawks’ secondary could be due for a bounce back performance against a Rams’ receiving corps without a top-40 option, according to Football Outsiders.

Broncos (3-5) at Raiders (5-3)

  • The Broncos’ defense is top 10 in EPA/Pass allowed, while Derek Carr is top 10 in EPA/Pass. Whichever team gains the edge in this area has the edge in the game.
  • The Raiders’ pass rush is in the bottom 5 in the league, while the Broncos’ OL has struggles in pass pro. If Drew Lock can get time, Denver could have a shot in this one.

Texans (2-6) at Browns (5-3)

  • The Browns’ rushing OL is in the top 5 in the NFL, while the Texans’ rushing DL is in the bottom 5. With Nick Chubb likely to return this week, look for the Browns to have a field day on the ground.
  • Deshaun Watson is in the top 5 in EPA/pass, while the Browns pass defense is in the bottom half of the league. The Texans should be able to get it done through the air.

Vikings (3-5) at Bears (5-4)

  • Dalvin Cook has 5 rushing TDs and over 350 rushing yards in his last two games. The Bears defense is a top 5 unit in the league and may be able to slow down his historic run.
  • Rookie WR Justin Jefferson is averaging over 18 yards per reception and is sixth in EPA/Target among all players with 40-plus targets.
  • The Vikings’ rush defense is in the bottom third of the league, so if David Montgomery clears concussion protocol, he could have a big night.
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