Buy Into The Javonte Williams Hype

Javonte Williams Hype

We have now made it through 13 weeks of the NFL season and the playoff race is as close as it’s ever been. Teams are making sure they do everything necessary to give themselves the best possible chance to win, and you should be doing the same in fantasy football. Whether your league’s playoffs start this week, or in the next couple of weeks, now is an essential time to really do some research and make some championship-winning decisions for your fantasy team.

Last Week Recap

Last week there were two players whose hype I advised buying into. The first was Kendrick Bourne who I said has the potential to be a WR2 for any fantasy team. Unfortunately, last week was not a good representation of how good Bourne can be. The Patriots played against the Bills in one of the windiest games in NFL history. Neither team was able to make any progress through the passing game so both teams were forced to run the ball for the entire game. This game was obviously a fluke and Bourne will be able to put up much better numbers in the coming weeks when he plays in better conditions.

The other player who I hyped up was Taysom Hill. The reason I was so high on Hill was because of his rushing potential. In last week’s game, Hill finished with a pretty bizarre statline. He made 19 completions on 41 attempts and had 264 yards for 2 touchdowns. He also had 4 interceptions and 101 rushing yards. Despite having a pretty horrible NFL game, Hill was still able to finish with over 20 fantasy points. The Saints have a relatively favorable schedule going into the fantasy playoffs, so Hill is definitely worth picking up and even starting.

Buy Into The Hype

Javonte Williams

Throughout this entire year, Javonte Williams has been fighting for the starting spot in Denver. Despite some great performances, it appeared as if Williams was bound to split carries with Melvin Gordon III for the rest of the season. However, last week Gordon was sidelined with an injury, and Williams really showed what he is capable of with the backfield to himself. He finished with 23 carries for 102 yards, and 6 receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown. This performance showed the Broncos that they have a real talent in Williams, and they need to utilize him if they want to be serious playoff contenders. I expect Williams’ workload to go up even after Gordon returns from injury. The Broncos have been looking for an offensive system that works consistently for the entire season and they have finally found it. Williams is a must start for all fantasy teams until further notice.

Don’t Buy Into The Hype

Julio Jones

Julio Jones is expected to return from the IR in the next 1-2 weeks. Normally this would be a great opportunity for fantasy owners to get a talented receiver who is available just in time for the fantasy playoffs. However, I would be shocked if Jones is able to put up any valuable numbers. The Titans offense is really banged up and he is now essentially the only threat that defenses have to worry about. While Jones is an extremely talented receiver, he will be very easy to contain on an offense where he is the only weapon. It’s really unfortunate to see the Titans’ season play out this way because they had so much promise going into the season. However, the sad reality is that they do not have any startable fantasy players on their offense.

Buy Into The Hype

Cole Kmet

I remember being very confused when I saw the Bears draft Cole Kmet as the eighth tight end on their roster. I thought he must have to be very talented if they were willing to use such a valuable draft pick on a position they didn’t need. Then I watched him play the first 1½  seasons of his career and I was very unimpressed. However, since Week 9, Kmet is averaging 4.5 receptions for 54.5 yards per game. These are very valuable numbers especially from the tight end position which has been so inconsistent this year. The Bears have had trouble getting into the red zone this year, which has definitely held Kmet back. If he is able to find the end zone a couple of times in the next few weeks, he may establish himself as one of the best tight ends in fantasy football. Either way, Kmet is putting up good enough numbers now where he is worth picking up and even starting if you are short at the tight end position.

We have made it through the bulk of the NFL regular season and we still have no idea what the playoffs will look like. Even with all the chaos that has been going on, it is still possible to maintain a good fantasy team if you are able to stay active on waivers. Make sure you make the moves you need to make in order to set your team up for success in the fantasy playoffs. Good Luck!

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