Fantasy Football: Streaming Defenses and Kickers – Week 10

Streaming Defenses and Kickers – Week 10

Week 9 was a great week for defenses, but much less so for kickers. This upcoming week’s matchups look like they’re setting up for the opposite, so we’ll see what happens. Either way, you’ll want to maximize your output at both positions as we get close to the playoffs with every game being incredibly important. Below I will break down the best matchups for streaming for Week 10 at both defense and kicker and the reasons why I feel they are great options.


Green Bay Packers (vs. SEA)

The Packers have been an incredibly consistent, good option as a fantasy defense this year, not dropping lower than six points since week one. Their matchup against Seattle would be much better if Russell Wilson wasn’t making his return, but he should still have some rust to work off and the consistency of the Packers gives you a reason to believe in them for more than just one week. Them being rostered in under a third of leagues is pretty ridiculous and you should add them while you still can.

Las Vegas Raiders (vs. KC)

The Raiders defense is an incredibly risky proposition for this week, as it still feels like the Kansas City offense is due to break out and return to their usual, devastating levels any week now, but they haven’t yet. The Chiefs’ turnover issues have made them a pretty good matchup to target, and the Raiders have been a good defense of late, so this is a good matchup according to the numbers. If you’re willing to take the risk, there is upside here, but they are far from a safe option.

Tennessee Titans (vs. NO)

The Titans defense has heated up in recent weeks and just put up their third consecutive week with double-digit points. These performances didn’t come against bad teams either, as it was against the Chiefs, Colts, and Rams, and now they get a more favorable matchup against a Saints team down to backup QB Trevor Siemian. The Titans’s matchups get even better after this, so this is likely a three-week play until their bye, and they may even be worth stashing for after that too. Get this defense onto your roster.


Dustin Hopkins (vs. MIN)

Dustin Hopkins hasn’t had many field goal opportunities since joining the Chargers, with just three in two weeks, but the fourth-best matchup for a kicker means he’s probably worth a start. The Vikings have forced three field goal attempts in consecutive weeks and you have to be hoping for a third week of that if you make this pick. Hopkins has been efficient with his chances, so opportunity is the key here.

Brian Johnson (@ TEN)

Brian Johnson has only been New Orleans’ kicker for three weeks, but he has 28 points in that span and has had seven field goal attempts. He’ll go up against a Titans defense that has improved their red zone defense in recent weeks and just allowed Matt Gay to be the second-best fantasy kicker of the week. Johnson should be considered a safe option, likely to put up at least seven points.

Michael Badgley (vs. JAX)

Michael Badgley’s fantasy viability since joining the Colts has been extremely hampered by the fact that he has only had one field goal attempt in every game. That is likely to change eventually, and a matchup against Jacksonville is a good time for that, as they showed off a good red zone defense against Buffalo, forcing two field goals. With how well Indy has moved the ball, one game of stalling in the red zone would mean an excellent performance from him where you’d want to have him on your team.

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