Domo’s Week 14 Power Rankings: Browns Punch Their Way Into Playoff Conversation

Domo's Week 14 Power Rankings: Browns Punch Their Way...

1) Bucs (10-3)     Previous: 2

Last week: W33-27BUF

This week: v. 6-7 Saints

Good news: Tom Brady has an NFL-best plus-26 TDs-to-INTs differential and has been sacked just 16 times.

Bad news: Defense has given up 6.5 yards per carry in the last three games.

2) Packers (10-3)     Previous: 3

Last week: W45-30CHI

This week: at 8-5 Ravens

Good news: Aaron Rodgers has thrown 10 TD passes and no interceptions in the last three games.

Bad news: The Packers’ special teams problems could cost them in the playoffs.

3) Cardinals (10-3)     Previous: 1

Last week: L23-30LAR

This week: at 1-11-1 Lions

Good news: RB James Conner had 125 yards from scrimmage against the Rams, including 94 receiving yards on nine catches.

Bad news: Kyler Murray had his second lowest passer rating of the season against the Rams and failed to throw a touchdown pass for just the third time in 13 games.

4) Patriots (9-4)     Previous: 4

Last week: bye

This week: at 7-6 Colts

Good news: Rookie QB Mac Jones has a 70.3 completion percentage and has thrown just two interceptions in the last seven games.

Bad news: Patriots are 26th in red-zone offense, converting just 54.3 percent of their trips inside the 20 into TDs. They’re 3-for-9 in the last three games.

5) Chiefs (9-4)     Previous: 5

Last week: W48-9LVR

This week: at 8-5 Chargers

Good news: Chiefs have won six in a row and their defense has given up just 65 points in those six wins.

Bad news: Travis Kelce has just six receptions for 54 yards in the last two games.

6) Cowboys (9-4)     Previous: 6

Last week: [email protected]

This week: at 4-9 Giants

Good news: Defense forced four turnovers, had four sacks and allowed Washington to convert just 3 of 14 third-down opportunities.

Bad news: Cowboys converted just one of six red-zone opportunities into TDs against Washington.

7) Rams (9-4)     Previous: 8

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 5-8 Seahawks

Good news: Rams managed to beat the Cardinals despite the absence of several key starters, who were on the COVID list.

Bad news: Rams have one of the more difficult homestretches. They finish with the Seahawks, Vikings, Ravens and 49ers.

8) Titans (9-4)     Previous: 10

Last week: W20-0JAX

This week: at 6-6-1 Steelers

Good news: Ryan Tannehill had just his second interception-free performance in the last eight games.

Bad news: It came against a Jacksonville defense that has five interceptions.

9) Bills (7-6)     Previous: 7

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 5-8 Panthers

Good news: Defense has given up just 10 passing touchdowns in 13 games.

Bad news: Josh Allen has averaged less than six yards per attempt in five of the last seven games.

10) Colts (7-6)     Previous: 11

Last week: bye

This week: v. 9-4 Patriots

Good news: RB Jonathan Taylor has averaged 5.8 yards per carry and has 10 rushing TDs in the last five games.

Bad news: Their next two games are against the 9-4 Patriots and the 10-3 Cardinals.

11) 49ers (7-6)    Previous: 12

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 6-7 Falcons

Good news: Jimmy Garoppolo has rediscovered George Kittle. The Niners TE has 22 catches for 332 yards and three TDs in the last two games.

Bad news: Niners are 24th in third-down offense (37.3%). They’ve converted just 8 of 25 third-down attempts in the last two games.

12) Chargers  (8-5)     Previous: 14

Last week:W37-21NYG

This week: v. 9-4 Chiefs

Good news: Justin Herbert has a plus-40 TDs-to-INTs differential in his first 28 NFL starts.

Bad news: The Chargers’ run defense isn’t getting any better. Giants averaged 5.2 yards per carry against them.

13) Ravens (8-5)     Previous: 9

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 10-3 Packers

Good news: Backup Tyler Huntley completed 27 of 38 passes and almost led the Ravens to a comeback win over the Browns.

Bad news: The Ravens are facing the very real possibility of not having Lamar Jackson for this week’s important game against Green Bay.

14) Bengals (7-6)     Previous: 13

Last week: L23-26SF

This week: at 7-6 Broncos

Good news: Playing with an injured finger on his throwing hand, Joe Burrow put up his highest passer rating (125.6) since Week 4.

Bad news: Bengals have lost four of their last six and have given up 142 points in those four losses.

15) Broncos (7-6)     Previous: 17

Last week: W38-10DET

This week: v. 7-6 Bengals

Good news: The Broncos’ 184 rushing yards against the Lions was their second highest total of the season.

Bad news: Running the ball against the Lions is easier than giving instructions to Alexa.

16) Vikings (6-7)     Previous: 18

Last week: W36-28PIT

This week: at 4-9 Bears

Good news: Any concerns about Dalvin Cook’s injured shoulder were put to bed by his 205-yard rushing performance against the Steelers.

Bad news: Mike Zimmer’s defense continues to be unreliable. Vikings are 25th in points allowed (25.6) and have given up 122 points in their last four games.

17) Washington (6-7)     Previous: 15

Last week: L20-27DAL

This week: at 6-7 Eagles

Good news: Defense sacked Dak Prescott four times and gave up just one TD in six red-zone challenges.

Bad news: Their top ball carrier, Antonio Gibson, has fumbled six times this season and lost four of them.

18) Raiders (6-7)     Previous: 16

Last week: [email protected]

This week: at 7-6 Browns

Good news: Slot receiver Hunter Renfrow has 30 catches for 353 yards in the Raiders’ last three games.

Bad news: Raiders turned the ball over five times against the Chiefs.

19) Browns (7-6)     Previous: 23

Last week: W24-22BAL

This week: v. 6-7 Raiders

Good news: Baker Mayfield’s 68.8 completion percentage v. Ravens was his highest since Week 5.

Bad news: Browns failed to score in the second half and nearly blew a 24-6 halftime lead.

20) Dolphins (6-7)     Previous: 19

Last week: bye

This week: v. 3-10 Jets

Good news: The Dolphins have won five games in a row.

Bad news: Just one of the five teams they’ve beaten during that streak has a winning record (Ravens).

21) Eagles (6-7)      Previous: 20

Last week: bye

This week: v. 6-7 Washington

Good news: Jalen Hurts is fourth in the league in rushing first downs with 50.

Bad news: He’s 33rd in third-down completion percentage (51.2).

22) Saints (6-7)     Previous: 22

Last week: [email protected]

This week: at 10-3 Bucs

Good news: Saints got Alvin Kamara back just in the nick of time. He rushed for 120 yards Sunday.

Bad news: QB Taysom Hill has run for three more touchdowns (5) than he’s thrown for (2).

23) Steelers (6-6-1)     Previous: 21

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 9-4 Titans

Good news: Big Ben has put together back-to-back games with 100-plus passer ratings.

Bad news: Their run defense is a sieve. They’ve been gashed to the tune of 5.7 yards per carry in their last six games.

24) Seahawks (5-8)     Previous: 26

Last week: [email protected]

This week: at 9-4 Rams

Good news: Russell Wilson has thrown six touchdown passes and one interception in the last three games.

Bad news: Seahawks offensive line already has given up 39 sacks.

25) Falcons (6-7)     Previous: 27

Last week: [email protected]

This week: at 7-6 49ers

Good news: Falcons are 5-2 on the road this season.

Bad news: They’re 1-5 at home.

26) Bears (4-9)     Previous: 24

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 6-7 Vikings

Good news: Justin Fields is averaging 5.9 yards per carry.

Bad news: He’s 30th in the league in passing with a 69.3 rating.

27) Panthers (5-8)     Previous: 28

Last week: L21-29ATL

This week: at 7-6 Bills

Good news: Panthers defense has given up just 18 touchdown passes.

Bad news: Their own quarterbacks have thrown just 11.

28) Giants (4-9)     Previous: 25

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 9-4 Cowboys

Good news: The Giants have five picks in the first three rounds of the draft, including, at the moment, Nos. 5 and 6 in the first round.

Bad news: There is no reason to believe they will have the foggiest idea what to do with them.

29) Lions (1-11-1)     Previous: 29

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 10-3 Cardinals

Good news: With four games left, Lions are in the driver’s seat for the first overall pick in the draft.

Bad news: They’ve got the 10-3 Cardinals next, who aren’t going to be in a good mood after losing to the Rams.

30) Jets (3-10)     Previous: 30

Last week: L9-30NO

This week: at 6-7 Dolphins

Good news: Held an opponent without a touchdown pass for the first time since Week 3. Of course, that didn’t really matter since the Saints were able to run all over them.

Bad news: Their last six losses have been by an average of 21.7 points. That’s well into not-even-trying territory.

31) Jaguars (2-11)     Previous: 31

Last week: [email protected]

This week: v. 2-11 Texans

Good news: Just four more games until they start a new head-coaching search and we don’t have to think about Urban Meyer any more.

Bad news: Trevor Lawrence threw four interceptions against the Titans and has thrown just one touchdown pass in the last six games. There’s a lot more going on there than just a rookie QB having trouble adjusting to the speed of the pro game.

32) Texans (2-11)     Previous: 32

Last week: L13-33SEA

This week: at 2-11 Jaguars

Good news: Texans defense is tied for sixth in interceptions with 14.

Bad news: The turnovers haven’t helped the offense much. Texans haven’t scored more than 22 points since Week 1.

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