Daily Fantasy: Week 9 Strategy Analyzer

Welcome to the Daily Fantasy Strategy Analyzer article for Week 7 of the NFL season. This week has been a bit hectic, with a slew of quarterback changes this week, headline by Aaron Rodgers missing the Packers’ matchup with Kansas City, giving Jordan Love his first NFL start. In this article, we’ll take you through how to attack tournaments this weekend.

The Quarterback Debacle

The Jordan Love decision

The quarterback position is one of the toughest to attack this week, as there is a multitude of options spanning from Josh Allen as the highest-priced quarterback on both sites, down to Love who is going to make his first NFL start. When news first broke about Rodgers missing this week’s matchup, it seemed as if Love was going to be semi-owned, especially on DraftKings where he is a measly $4,400. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Love is projecting to see sub-5% ownership on both sites.

With Love not projecting to see much ownership, it makes him an interesting tournament target. Matt Lafleur has installed a quarterback-friendly system in Green Bay, and he’s done some wonders as a play-caller. On three days to prepare, he took a Packers’ offense missing their top three receivers, and two of their three best offensive linemen, and put up 24 points with some left on the board due to goal-line stops and red zone blunders. With all the receivers back, and David Bakhtiari potentially returning, there’s no reason the former first-round pick can’t have success against the lowly Chiefs pass defense. There is a worry that Green Bay heavily turns to the running game. Even if they do, Love still has a shot to pay off.

The Studs

Two quarterbacks are standing head-and-shoulders above the rest this week, and they are Allen and Lamar Jackson. We touched on Jackson in yesterday’s article, and Allen needs no introduction. Sadly, these two are projected to be the two highest-owned quarterbacks on the slate. We still like them in tournaments, however, just know that you need to differentiate your lineup in different positions.

Patrick Mahomes is projecting to see single-digit ownership on both sites. This is…unusual. It hasn’t been pretty for the Chiefs so far this year, but still, getting Mahomes at low ownership is interesting. The Packers may look to sit on the ball in this matchup due to being without Rodgers. Also, the Packers’ defense has also been fairly stout this season. These are probably the reasons why Mahomes is projecting lower owned than Jackson and Allen, who are seemingly in plug-and-play matchups. We prefer Allen and Jackson to Mahomes, but at far lower ownership, it’s hard to make a case against Mahomes in tournaments.

Top Stack

Joe Burrow + Ja’Marr Chase + Tee Higgins + Nick Chubb

The first stack we’re looking at is a potentially overlooked game stack between Cleveland and Cincinatti. Everyone views division matchups as low scoring slugfests, but if last season taught us anything, this matchup could be exactly the opposite. The two matchups between these two teams combined for 65 and 71 points last year. With a lot of eyes on other quarterbacks and games, double stacking Joe Burrow against Cleveland is a potential money-maker. Cincinatti has shifted towards more of a pass-heavy approach after leaning on the run early in the season.

Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase have been Burrow’s two favorite targets so far this season, and they seem like logical stacking partners for Burrow this Sunday. Cleveland’s secondary is nothing to be afraid of, as Cincinatti should be able to put up points at will. Moving to the run-back, Nick Chubb had a strangle-hold over the Cleveland backfield touches. Last week seemed like the week he’d pop off, but he only registered 69 all purpose yards on 17 touches. This seems like the perfect buy-low spot for Chubb, as his ownership will probably be very low.

With how many quarterbacks we touched on before, we wanted to focus on one we hadn’t talked about. Stacks with Allen, Jackson, Mahomes, and Love all make a lot of sense in tournaments this week, and we’re extremely high on them as well. Another potential stacking option is Tua Tagovailoa in the Dolphins’ matchup with Houston. DeVante Parker likely being out hurts his outlook slightly, but Tagovailoa is still a good quarterback to stack on Sunday.

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