Bills-Dolphins Breakdown: A Matchup for AFC Supremacy

Josh Allen Buffalo Bills

Bills-Dolphins might be the hottest game of the week, with a pair of offenses that are smoking right now. Everyone’s looking at this AFC East matchup as one for AFC supremacy.

Buffalo: An Offense with One Weakness

Coming into the game, Buffalo is first in points and No. 3 in yards. The Josh Allen-to-Stefon Diggs connection was red-hot in Week 2. They’re throwing the ball all over the field. When you go around the league, every team if you ask their coaches about the keys to the game, they’re always going to say getting off to a fast start. The Bills have definitely done that. They’re deep at running back and receiver.

They really have no weaknesses right now, except for maybe turnovers on offense (four times in two weeks). Turnover margin is always the key to any game. — Koetter

Don’t Doubt the Dolphins

A lot of people were doubting whether Tua Tagovailoa was truly a legit No. 1 quarterback in the NFL. One thing we said last week was their offense didn’t throw it down the field. Well, last week against the Ravens, down three scores going into the last quarter, boy did they throw it down the field.

Tua had six touchdowns, Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill both had 11 catches and two touchdowns. They proved they could throw it down the field when they overcame their deficit. When you watch the tape of their offense, Waddle and Hill, their speed off the line of scrimmage and how they can push the defense back is very impressive. — Koetter

Can the NFL’s Best Defense Slow Down Tua?

Looking at Buffalo’s defense, they’re the number one defense in the NFL; you look across the categories and there’s a bunch of ones, twos, and threes. They’re so balanced and good. Buffalo doesn’t have to blitz, and they’re going to handle Miami’s rushing offense. They have the ability to rush four, keep everything in front of them and give those cornerbacks help.

Buffalo doesn’t give up explosive plays, just seven so far this season. They’ll play two deeps, give those guys help over the top. They’re going to make Tua check down, be patient, and then he’ll try to force some things. And Buffalo, they’re really good at taking the ball away. — Pagano

Tall Test for the Dolphins

Miami has its hands full with this Buffalo offense and Josh Allen. Look back at 2021, Miami’s defense had one sack in two games against Buffalo. We know the Dolphins like to bring pressure; they will bring five and play Cover 0. I don’t know if I would do that if I was them. They’re going to have to be selective and pick their spots, and they do a good job with that. — Pagano

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