How Can the Browns Replace Jakeem Grant?

Jakeem Grant

Earlier today the Cleveland Browns announced Jakeem Grant would miss the entire 2022 NFL Season with a torn Achilles. The 33rd Team’s Head of Scouting TJ McCreight weighs in on what the Browns need to do going forward. 

Grant’s Impressive Resume

Grant spent his first five seasons—and part of his sixth—with the Miami Dolphins after being drafted in the sixth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Last season, the Dolphins traded Grant to the Chicago Bears in exchange for a sixth-round draft pick. 

Grant was named an All-Pro returner in each of the last two seasons, serving as a major asset to both the Dolphins’ and Bears’ special teams units. 

Cleveland’s Road Forward

So where do the Browns go from here? 

“There are several actions that are taking place,” McCreight said. “Within the Browns building in Berea.” They will likely start by assessing the talent within the organization. “The Browns have Demetric Felton on the roster. Felton has experience as a returner in games. He is not special but functional.” 

Finding a replacement at this point of the season could prove difficult. According to McCreight, “because cuts have not been made yet, there are very few players on the street that would garner much interest.” Still, the Browns may end up looking outside the organization to address the missing piece.

Possible Replacements

McCreight highlights several players that could fill in for Grant and may be available in the coming weeks. “Players like Greg Ward from the Eagles and Chester Rogers from the Texans could be players they may target if they get released.” 

Ultimately, it will be up to the Pro Personnel Department to identify potential replacements. McCreight explains that “what the Pro department will be doing is targeting returners on other teams in the league that they think may be cut. The Pro Director will give the GM names of returners to keep an eye on during the preseason.” 

Time will tell how the Browns choose to address the loss of Grant. The injury is a devastating blow to a Cleveland Special Teams unit that already faces serious questions.

Jamie Arnowich contributed to this report. 

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