Cook, Toney, Akers Will Have Breakout 2023 Seasons

Here are three guys who I think are going to have breakout 2023 seasons.

James Cook, Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills picked James Cook last year, and at first they were throwing him in from time to time. As the year progressed he started getting more and more playing time, and stepping up. They just let Devin Singletary go to the Houston Texans, so Cook is going to have the offense in his hands, they’ll start opening the playbook up for him and giving him more plays, and this will be breakout year for him as a result.

Kadarius Toney, Kansas City Chiefs

Kadarius Toney going over to the Kansas City Chiefs and making plays in the Super Bowl, and just showing the type of guy he is, the type of playmaker he can be, I think he’s going to continue to elevate his game in 2023 after a full offseason with the team. Things are nothing but up for him this year, he is definitely going to be a Pro Bowl player, and will have a great year.

Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams

Not last year but the year before, Cam Akers started to come along and make a lot of good plays for the Los Angeles Rams. Then last year, nobody really knows what happened, he disappeared, he wasn’t getting any playing time. We don’t know if it was off-field issues or he and coach Sean McVay bumping heads. But if you paid attention to the full season, the last two or three games they started giving him the ball again, putting the offense back in his hands, and he started to put up really good numbers. This year they finally know he’s the guy, and he’s going to have a breakout year.

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