Wade Phillips: How Todd Bowles Took Down the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV

On this week’s 33rd Team call, veteran defensive coordinator Wade Phillips broke down how Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles mixed things up and dominated the Kansas City Chiefs on the way to winning Super Bowl LV.

As Phillips noted, Tampa Bay stayed in a 2-deep look most of the game, but was still able to mix it up and show different coverages. At the end of the day, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes just had no time to do anything as Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul were constantly pressuring him. But in this video, Coach Phillips says it was clear that Bowles’ benefitted from having two weeks to prepare a gameplan:

So once Chiefs head coach Andy Reid saw his usually explosive offense struggling, where were the adjustments? Coach Phillips wondered why they didn’t try more screens and slants to offset Tampa Bay’s aggressive charge.

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