Three Key EPA Takeaways From Week 9 Action

Here are three interesting statistical takeaways from Sunday’s games when looking at EPA:

Head start for Bills

Field position factored heavily into the Bills’ big win over the Seahawks, as their average starting field position yielded them 1.19 more Expected Points per drive than the Seahawks. With 23 drives in the game, the Bills gained over a 27-point advantage based purely on starting offensive field position.

Defensive battle

The Ravens and Colts defenses are both in the top 5 in EPA allowed per play this season. In Sunday’s game, Lamar Jackson and Philip Rivers combined for less than 400 yards passing, while the Ravens were held to 55 total yards in the first half and the Colts were held to 22 rushing yards as a team.

Saints-Bucs: Different directions

The Buccaneers came into the week around league average in offensive EPA/play. This week, they posted the worst EPA/play, an astounding minus-0.58 worse than their season average. The Saints, meanwhile, had the fifth-biggest improvement at 0.14 above their season average.

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