The Best of Football Twitter in Week 7

The Best of Football Twitter in Week 7

Every week during the NFL season, the 33rd Team will present some of the most interesting Tweets that come across our timeline during Sunday’s action. Here’s the Week 7 rundown:

Derek Carr has been excellent since Jon Gruden departed. Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson’s play-calling has been excellent, and the Raiders are one of the most surprising playoff hopefuls of the season.

Carson Wentz is a true gunslinger in every sense.

Richard Sherman is doing his best Jackie Moon impression.

The Chiefs still have a lot of work to do defensively…


The Jets have been terrible in both the first quarter and first half this year. They’ve yet to score a single point in the first frame.

Patrick Mahomes has regressed this year and may need to look back and Greg Cosell’s tenets of what makes a quarterback successful.

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