Make the Call: Brawl in NOLA, Thriller in Vegas

In this week’s edition of Make the Call, former NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino is joined by former NFL head coach and 33rd Team analyst Chuck Pagano to discuss the most influential and head-scratching decisions made by referees in Week 2. What do the pair think of the brawl between Tampa Bay and New Orleans? And what about a pair of calls that allowed the Arizona Cardinals to force overtime against Las Vegas?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Make the Call. For reference, here are the plays discussed by Blandino and Pagano, and timestamps for when each discussion begins.

1. Bucs/Saints Brawl & the Ejection Process (0:44)

2. A Pair of Questionable Calls From That Tampa/New Orleans Game (5:02)

3. Defensive Holding Gives Cardinals New Life in Eventual OT Win over Vegas (14:26)

4. A.J. Green’s Two-Point Catch Upheld, Forces OT (18:31)

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