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Grant Reiter


Banner: Why We Hired Sean Payton and When We Knew He’d Be Great

In 1997, we hired Sean Payton to be the quarterbacks coach for the Eagles. I actually don’t remember who sourced Sean’s name. It wasn’t me, but a small group of us interviewed him for the job. Ray Rhodes was the Head Coach at the time, and Sean worked under Jon Gruden, who was the Offensive […]


Finding Coaching Talent: What Joe Banner Saw in Andy Reid and Sean McDermott

While Sunday’s game between Kansas City and Buffalo demonstrated why both teams are very likely to remain successful for a long time, each team’s success is not just because of the quarterbacks. As exceptional and important as Mahomes and Allen are, Andy Reid and Sean McDermott have also set their teams up for the long-term. […]

QB Hub

Have We Crowned the Wrong Young QB? Why I’d Take Burrow Over Herbert

Throwing for 525 yards against Baltimore has served as a catalyst for praising Joe Burrow. But as good as his performance was Sunday, it should not have been necessary for the second-year QB to get the recognition he deserves. People seem to forget how good Burrow was as a rookie prior to getting hurt. This […]


Air It Out: Cowboys and Browns Win By Establishing Pass

Sunday’s slate included two crucial games that will likely determine division winners. Dallas beat Washington 27-20, increasing their lead in the NFC East to three games. This win essentially guarantees that Dallas will host a playoff game as a division winner. In the AFC North, the Browns defeated the Ravens 24-22 and cut the Ravens’ […]

Front Office Commentary

Micah Parsons’ Rookie Year Will Impact Future Drafts

The 2021 Draft was somewhat anomalous in that there wasn’t a defensive player selected in the top 5 for the first time since 2012. That year, CB Morris Claiborne was the first defender off the board when he was selected by Dallas with the sixth pick. In 2021, Carolina broke the streak of seven consecutive […]


Don’t Be Afraid Of Analytics

As a term, analytics has become a sort of lightning rod. It is the enemy of some who actively like seeing it proven wrong. In most cases though, this reaction stems from a mischaracterization and lack of understanding about what it is.  Hearing the word should not cause blood pressure to rise, nor should it […]


Banner: The Myth Of Establishing The Run

Many of the major points of contention with analytics revolve around running the football. On opposite ends of the spectrum lie those who live by “establishing the run” and those who posit that “running backs don’t matter.” As much as these views diverge, they actually have something in common: they’re both wrong.  “Establish the Run” […]


Week 12 Social Recap

Every week during the NFL season, the 33rd Team will present some of the most interesting Tweets that come across our timeline during Sunday’s action. Here’s the Week 12 rundown: New England has scored on 50% of drives and held opponents scoreless on 73% of drives this season. Both marks lead the NFL through Week […]

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