Why Russell Wilson Wanted Out of Seattle

For over a year, Russell Wilson was the subject of trade rumors, and as the rumors wore on, opinion grew that he wanted out of Seattle. And as part of a chaotic carousel of quarterback movement this offseason, Wilson was finally dealt. In mid-March, Seattle traded its franchise QB to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a package featuring quarterback Drew Lock, tight end Noah Fant, defensive lineman Shelby Harris, and five draft picks, including two each in the first and second rounds.

That trade marked the start of a new era for the Broncos. It also marked the end of the most successful era in Seahawks history. With Wilson, the Seahawks went 113-60-1, appearing in two Super Bowls and winning the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy, while Wilson made nine Pro Bowls in 10 seasons. So how did things reach that point? And what made Russell Wilson decide he wanted out of Seattle, the only home he had known in his career?

Hugh Millen, a QB for nearly a decade in the NFL and now a Seahawks analyst for KJR-AM Radio and KCPQ in Seattle, offered up his thoughts behind the split. Millen sat down with The 33rd Team to explain the reasons why Wilson wanted a change of scenery.

In that conversation, Millen talks about the differences between the Pro Bowl quarterback and his former team. Seattle has long preferred to be run-focused on offense. Wilson, on the other hand, wanted additional opportunities to “cook” and play to his strengths as a passer. With clashing opinions behind offensive philosophy and a change unlikely, a trade became inevitable. And in Denver, Wilson finds an offense where he can be the focal point. The Broncos have also invested heavily via draft capital in bringing in pass-catchers for Lock, and now Wilson, to utilize.

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