The Arizona Cardinals Offense Has Potential

The Arizona Cardinals’ offense should be considered in the top half of the league. They have the coaching, they establish the run, but they can turn into a very conservative offense at times. With Kyler Murray, they became very conservative. They took away the deep ball from him and the play calling they have to do better with.

Murray and this Cardinals offense are going to have a ton of eyeballs on them. Fairly or unfairly, that contract the earlier clause regarding the prep is going to make it that way. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury has a tremendous relationship with his quarterback. They need to use that connection to help each other out in the huddle and in-game. They can change this thing for the better, Kyler Murray is the key. 

Let Murray push the ball down the field, let him create, and then we will see this team thrive. This Cardinals offense could be a top-five offense in this league, they just haven’t shown us it yet.

They showed us through six games last year when Murray was creating and had a long leash they averaged nearly 40 points. The problem is they don’t change things up. They need to continue to take what works and build on it before the NFL catches on. We saw it last year when they fell off towards the end of the year. 

They can’t afford to curtail and fall off to end the year again. That playoff game last year is a perfect example. Everyone knew if you shut down Kyler Murray the Cardinals’ offense would fall off. This offseason they went out and added some more pieces, namely Marquise Brown. If they can get the connection they had for a full college season together going in the NFL they have a shot. Without this offense finding a new layer to itself though they will continue to sputter at the end of the year.