Pain Management Will Be Challenge for Herbert (Rib Cartilage Fracture)

After Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert was hit in the ribs in Thursday night’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, he played through it valiantly and even threw a touchdown pass down the stretch. On Friday after reviewing X-rays, the Chargers medical staff diagnosed it as a rib cartilage fracture that could force Herbert to miss time, although the team is hopeful he could return to practice next week.

Former NFL quarterbacks Rich Gannon and Matt Cassell discuss in the video above recall suffering similar rib injuries and discuss the challenges that lie ahead for Herbert.

“I haven’t broken a rib but I’ve separated rib cartilage and there’s nothing worse,” Cassell said about the injury he suffered during a preseason game while he was with the Chiefs. “Everything you do as a thrower, you’re using your core, you’re twisting, you’re trying to accelerate the ball down the field. … It took a long time for that to heal.”

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