For Trey Lance, Justin Fields Only Way to Go From Here is Up

The 33rd Team contributor Mike Martz didn’t mince words after watching the Bears beat the 49ers on Sunday. The former NFL head coach and longtime coordinator didn’t like what he saw from second-year quarterbacks Trey Lance and Justin Fields.

On Lance: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go to Jimmy G. in the fourth week because they’re not going anyplace with where they are at now. That second half of offensive football was really difficult to watch.”

On Fields: “Less-than-remarkable would be the kindest thing you could say about him. I don’t know if I’ve seen such a bad performance by a quarterback in his opening performance of the season. He was just completely awful. When you get a quarterback who can’t do anything at all, and defensively, you shut him out basically for a half, you kind of lose hope. Right now they’re a team without hope.”

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