Buccaneers vs Saints: Can Tom Brady Beat the Saints?

When the New Orleans Saints host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, they’ll go into the game having beaten the Buccaneers seven straight times, including four in a row against Tom Brady. That doesn’t happen a lot to Brady

Before the game, we broke it down from all angles.

The Buccaneers Offense has Injury Issues


“The number one situation with the Bucs offense is the injuries. All three of their starting wide receivers Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Julio Jones missed practice yesterday with Godwin having already been declared out. Evans will play for sure and I know Jones is trying to play. They also have Donovan Smith with a forearm or shoulder issue that he got last week against Dallas. If he was to miss the game, Brady would only have one starter back on the offensive line and that’s worse at left tackle.” -Koetter

The Superdome is Loud

“I don’t know if it’s the loudest place in the NFL but man, it’s right up there. The Superdome is going to give Tampa’s offense fits. You have to be on it with your signals and silent count because it is loud.” -Koetter

The Saints Need to Stop Fournette

“Going into the game, the Saints need to anticipate a face full of Fournette. The Saints have a bunch of playmakers on the back end with Honey Badger, Marcus Lattimore, and Bradley Roby if the Buccaneers wideouts show up healthy and ready to play. While they allowed over 200 yards to the Falcons but I believe its kind of an outlier. It was like the triple option with Marcus Mariota.” -Pagano

Buccaneers Defense

“Dallas and Dak gave up three points in that game. Dallas never even sniffed anything near the red area. You know, when you look on that stat sheet and it’s 0-for-0 down there in the red area, that that means you’re playing pretty good defense.” -Pagano

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